Do you provide housing?

While NAC does not provide student housing, there are many affordable options located in the neighborhoods near the school.  Students are able to find reasonable housing options through online resources such as Craigslist, Zillow, or Apartments.com.

Do you provide financial aid?

NAC does not provide financial aid to international students, however we do offer one of the most reasonable monthly tuition rates in Denver.

Do you have child care?

NAC does not provide child care services to students with children, but there are a number of options offered in the local area with a range of cost. The local school districts also offers Early Childhood Education courses for young learners.

What’s the healthcare system like in America?

Healthcare costs in the United States can be very expensive, and we strongly suggest that students purchase a medical insurance plan in case of emergency. Check to see what kinds of insurance policies are offered in your country for international travel, or consider buying a short term plan online. Our administrative staff at the school can give you an extensive list of low cost health and dental care clinics in the Denver area upon request.

How many students are in each class?

We know the value of personal attention from the instructor, so classes are limited to no more than 18 students.

What nationalities are represented in the student body?

The student body at New America College is comprised of people from over 50 different countries around the world.  Some of the languages spoken by our students are Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Does the school offer any student events outside of class time?

Yes.  In addition to English classes offered at the school, NAC offers a free conversation class on select afternoons during the week, class field trips led by instructors, a spring BBQ in the park, international food festivals, and other activities such as a talent show and spelling bee.

What is your attendance policy?

Coming to class consistently and on time is one of the biggest responsibilities you have as an international student.  NAC students are required to maintain an attendance rate of at least 80% each month.  You can find specific details regarding the school’s attendance policy here.

Do you offer university application assistance?

Yes, we offer assistance and support to students in the university application process. Specific requests for student recommendations, academic transcripts, or application advice can be made with the school administration. Students can find information about the partnerships we have with local universities here.

Do you offer a certificate when I finish a class?

We offer certificates as follows:

Certificate of Attendance:  Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance when they have successfully attended part of a level but not all four (4) months.

Certificate of Level Completion: Students will receive a Certificate of Level Completion when they have successfully completed four (4) months in a level.

Certificate of Program Completion:  Students will receive a Certificate of Program Completion when they have successfully completed the eight (8)-month program:

Beginner English Language Acquisition:                         Level 1 and Level 2

Intermediate English Language Acquisition:                   Level 3 and Level 4

Advanced English Language Acquisition:                       Level 5 and Level 6

University Preparation:                                                   Four (4) month program

Business English:                                                               Four (4) month course

American Culture & Conversation:                               ACC 1 & ACC 2