Testing center

New America College (NAC) is a official testing center for CaMLA (Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments) and the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA ® International).

We offer proctoring services for CaMLA, ETA, and all outside institutions.

NAC is also a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

Proctoring Rates:*
Monday – Friday – $30.00 per hour
Saturday and Sunday – $50.00 per hour

Appointments can be made upon request.

Please contact Megan Kobzej, Dean of Instruction and Academic Affairs/DSO, at 720-833-3022 or mkobzej@newamericacollege.edu for more information.

* Proctoring fees do not include the cost of the test, mailing, or any other fees, if applicable.



New America College is an approved testing center for the Electronics Technicians Association.




New America College is an approved testing center for Cambridge English Language Assessments.

Tests offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment (CaMLA):




The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) evaluates advanced-level English language competence of adult nonnative speakers of English.The MELAB is a secure test battery and is administered only by authorized official examiners. Many educational institutions in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries accept the MELAB as an alternative to the TOEFL.



The Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE) is a standardized high-intermediate level English as a foreign language (EFL) examination.




The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is a standardized English as a foreign language (EFL) examination. It is recognized in several countries as official documentary evidence of advanced proficiency in the English language and can be used for academic and professional purposes. It is accepted by some universities as evidence of proficiency in English if the certificate has been received within the past two years.



The Michigan English Test (MET) is an examination for test takers who want to evaluate their general English language proficiency in social, educational, and workplace contexts. Listening recordings and reading passages reflect every day, authentic interaction in an American-English linguistic environment. An MET Speaking Test is also available.