University Preparation

This course is designed for students with an advanced level of English comprehension who have passed NAC’s level 5 or 6 or achieved a level 6 on the EPT (University of Michigan English Placement Test). The course will focus on skills needed in university such as advanced real-life listening and reading activities, writing research papers, giving presentations, studying advanced vocabulary, and working in groups. Grammar and pronunciation will be targeted in context.

Gary Manfredi
University Preparation & Business English instructor

“Getting to know people from so many walks of life”.

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Travis Anderson
TOEFL & University Preparation instructor

“I enjoy the international environment”.

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Erin Fearn
English Language Acquisition & University Preparation instructor

“Teaching English allows me a lot of opportunities to laugh (my favorite thing)”.

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Shaina Cohen
University Preparation instructor

“I love meeting amazing, intelligent people from so many different countries. Since I love to travel, it’s like having the world come to me. I also like helping people build practical linguistic skills by teaching them to think about language in new ways.”.

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